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It is inevitable that the way we find a home will change for the better. You can confidently research and transact any product online, except for property. Thanks to these computers we carry in our pockets, we create and demand faster and better information on everything. We will soon reach a tipping point where finding a home will be as easy and certain as researching and buying a product on Amazon.

—Rayhan Rafiq Omar

Marketing research journey so far…

“Today’s customers want to feel they are interacting with people, not faceless corporations” – Katrice Svanda, Digital Impact Agency

For the past two weeks I have been doing marketing research for Wigwamm and meeting estate agents all around London. My journey has been full of exciting insights, interesting feedback and great people. On that note I am inspired to write about each day of my start up marketing journey.

Marketing is all about people so most of these stories will feature the very lovely estate agents I meet along the way and about their feedback on the upcoming Wigwamm app.


From my experience so far it seems that Tuesday is the busiest day of the week for estate agents in London – today I was sent away from more than 12 offices in Balham area (one of the excuses for not talking to me was agent being busy writing speech for a sister’s wedding). I have also noticed that it is mostly women who are more excited to try out what new technology there is to enhance their performance at work – they are not intimidated to try out the app straight away and talk about it.


It’s interesting that estate agents from smaller and mid sized offices are more open to talk about their business while kindly offering me a cup of tea or coffee (which is very nice!). They didn’t even mind my broken phone screen (the iPhone that I use to introduce Wigwamm app accidentally fell badly last week).

On that note I want to thank all the agents who found little bit of time from their busy schedules to have a chat with me – all of your input was very supportive and has been very beneficial when feeding back to the team building the Wigwamm app - not to mention it is incredibly nice to meet people who care about their business!




All images were taken with broken screen Iphone 4S in the area of Balham.


By Viktoria 

Introducing Wigwamm

We are working hard to launch Wigwamm real soon. Wigwamm is a mobile app that allows Estate and Lettings Agents to market properties, complete with photos and descriptions, with just a few taps on their phone.


Why Wigwamm?

Smartphone use has taken over the world since the iPhone was introduced in 2007. Mobile devices are always with us, so naturally have become an increasingly more convenient to get work done in an efficient way.

We are working on developing an app for real estate agents to be able to upload a listing for a new property professionally within seconds from their smartphones, with just a few taps.

Agents can spend more time impressing landlords and vendors and less time at a desk coming up with descriptions. Listing professionally in 5 minutes saves agents the 1-3 days it currently takes to get professional property listings online.

The app is so simple it doesn’t require agents to distract themselves with manual tasks, like typing out descriptions. All the questions prospective buyers and renters ask are covered quickly and accurately.

Property software providers can provide their customers with real-time listing from their mobile. No complex integration needed.

Our key message to the property industry is:

List your property on all portals instantly through your smartphone.


Clear, fast information for prospective buyers and tenants leads to more confident decisions when looking for their future home. Landlords and vendors see real-time interest in their property, allowing them to be informed and in control.

Wigwamm is our perspective on how modern real estate listing should work. As real estate agents ourselves we’ve thought through the details — from the user interface to the underlying technology — to create the product that we want to use to get work done every day.

We hope you’ll love it as much as we do!

Wigwamm team